Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Trendy Tot Tuesday - Easter

Easter edish!

This weekend was nice. Still not as warm as last year but we'll take it. Warm enough for sandals! We had a low key Easter. Chris worked all weekend so Rilynn and I made out way to to Atlanta to visit with my huge side of the family were we ate way to much delicious food and sweets. I love Easter and Spring time.

Dont judge me but sweet little Ri wore the same dress she wore last year for Easter Because it still fits and fit perfect actually :) My aunt Dot actually made it which is really special so im glad she was able to get good use out of it 2 years in a row.

So here is last year

Smocked things are not usually my thing (dont hate me) but this dress its just adorable! 
She was almost 7 months at Easter last year
 The dress was probably a little big but she wasnt walking yet so I think it was fine.
This is size 9 months and her hair is off the chain. I gave up she will not and I mean WILL NOT let me touch her hair. If I even wisp by it she freaks and falls to the ground so there go. You win little kid you win :)
My mom, sister, Ri and I
The easter bunny was good to her. She got some books, stickers and Minnie mouse phone, bubbles, m&m's and 2 spring outfits and a swim suit!


Once we were done with my family I took Ri home for a nap and then a few of our good friends announced they were engaged so I had to change back into my outfit and go say hello :) Hubb was able to stop by since we were in the city. Our only family photo for Easter. Its pretty good tho!


  1. Cute dress! I love when I manage to get two years wear out of something for my girls :-)

  2. I love the dress, and it's even more special since it was made by a family member! I know how it goes getting 2 years wear out of stuff! It's awesome! :o) Hope you had a great Easter!

  3. OMGoodness! I love the smocked dress!!

  4. Presley is such a little turdlette when it come to me fixing her hair! It drives me crazy and most of the time she just looks like a scallywag.

    In other news, your Hubs looks SUPER hot in his police uniform!


    1. hahaha! ill tell him you said that and it will make his day :)

  5. Ohh I love those little dresses! And my daughter has the same Easter basket :)

  6. Even if you don't loved smocked dresses (oh god, I'm addicted) she is just the SWEETEST thing I've ever seen in one!! Thanks for linking up with us!


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