Thursday, March 14, 2013

Randoms from the week

First off I got a new look!

You like?

I do!

I'm still working on a few things but I'm on a roll. 

This week has been crazy lots of stuff going on at the office. Ri was a little sick Tuesday. I missed Trendy Tot Tuesday :( We had our first toddler time at the library Tuesday morning (which was awesome!) I did my first CX works class at the gym Tuesday morning and almost really. It was terrible and whats even worse the next day...yea.

I'm on a get fit kick and joined a gym with my bestest friend a few weeks ago. It has been awesome so far. We bring the kids they play for an hour or so and then mommas look hot eventually :) We feel great!

I signed Rilynn up for swim lessons along with Eric to start in April. Should be interesting since she hates bath time right now and doesn't want me to wash her hair or pour water over her head. Ill keep you updated.

My birthday is 2 weeks away and I'm really excited about it!  Hubb and I are going to go out one night sans baby for dinner and relax! We both need it. Hes been working non stop and well me 2 with the toddler!

We are close to potty training. Rilynn requests that she "sit" "potty" every time someone else goes to the bathroom. She never does anything but I think its a great start at least she likes to sit up there. I will be shopping for a potty this weekend if anyone can suggest a great one lets here it!

The weather here is just crazy. Tuesday I was sitting outside in shorts and t-shirt and got sunburned and today I'm wearing a snow suit its so cold. But this weekend highs are supposed to be 70. Its just very strange around here.

My mother in-law in getting married next month (which just so happens to be the same day as my parents 29 anniversary weird huh?) So I must start shopping for a cute springy dress for Rilynn and I. It will be outside and hopefully warm.

My brother will be in town this weekend. He gets home today. He lives in Texas and to say I cant wait to see him is an understatement. Love my brother! Hes pretty awesome and I'm so glad he will be here. He has not seen Ri since last spring I think it was so this will be nice!

So enough of all this random stuff. Have a great weekend!

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