Tuesday, February 12, 2013

18 Months

One and a half...

My guess for her weight would be 22-23 lbs? We go on Friday also I can tell she is definitely taller too.

She is in mostly 12 month bottoms and 18 month tops since her belly is HA-UGE! Dresses are 12 months.Size 4 diapers. Size 4 shoes.

Still just as feisty and energetic as ever!! We have had some strange weather around here which comes along with sickness from the temp changes. I can tell ya one thing we are certainly ready for some spring weather to stick around. It is almost zero fun to go to the park when its freezing outside. I have been trying to teach her a few colors. Yellow seems to be the only one that has stuck so far. She will point to something yellow if I ask her and of course says "yewwow"

We haven't been doing too much just the same old stuff. Hubb has been working a lot and getting ready for his upcoming deployment (more on that later) I hate that he doesn't get to be around much but we keep him very updated with pictures and videos when he is home.

Ri knows so many words I just cant count them all. Its totally awesome she repeats every word we say! One night last week she came up to me because her foot had gotten stuck in her jammies and I swear she said "oh shit" dead serious. I about fell off the bed. If it wasn't that it sure did sound a lot like it. I don't say that too often at least not enough for her to pick it up and start saying it so who knows.

She is extremely strong willed as iv mentioned in previous posts but now its serious. I'm reading the books getting advice from my mom and so forth so somethings gotta give. Love her soul but my goodness I would like to go out to eat with a well behaved toddler every once in a while!

(ignore my annoying voice)

 Car ride from her boyfriend in the morning. Love these two. They play so nice together.


I found her like this the other morning. I told her to go get her shoes and that we were going to "go go" and she came back to me like this! 

Happy Early Valentines Day! I have an adorable outfit for Ri to wear for her party at daycare.


  1. Ok, we HAVE to figure out how to get your blog back on my blog roll when you update! Maybe you should make a blog button and then I can put it on my sidebar!

    Anywho, can't believe our babes are growing up so fast! Although, I could do without the temper tantrums. I'm reading "The Strong Willed Child" by Dr. James Dobson and it's got some pretty good points!

  2. I'm looking into that just trying to find one to do it. It's annoying the crap outta me that I messed stuff up. That's the book my mom told me read so that's what I'm doing also!!

  3. Just came across your blog...how cute is your daughter!!


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