Friday, January 18, 2013

Wisdom Teeth

Its done! Its OVA!!!

4 years of complaining about them and I'm finally at home recovering and to be honest it was totally not as bad as I thought it was going to be. This needs to be documented since I did a post about my wisdom teeth 2 years ago and I just no took care of it.

 Yesterday was rough but I slept a lot and took my pain meds every 4 hours. Today I actually feel alright I'm not super swollen. I don't look too much like a chipmunk :)

I cant really open my mouth and eat so that would be the only hard part but maybe ill lose a few pounds! Hubb took a wonderful video of me and shared it to some of my friends for them to laugh at me. I guess right after they woke me up I was upset and disoriented that it went by so fast. I just kept saying "that was fast" and sobbing like a baby.

My best friend Brittany is bringing me some soup and company! And my mom brought Chris and I some dinner last night so they would starve!

Rilynn has been awesome! She was at daycare yesterday so that Chris could be with me and then last night she was perfect. She was in a great mood. Today she has been great as well. She's been watching Elmo and playing by herself since Hubb has to work tonight he's sleeping. Were doing good. It has finally stopped raining in Georgia and its beautiful outside. It makes sitting in side pretty boring. I need to find a project for this weekend.

 Lovely right?!
 Pretty good girl! She even let me do pigtails! that's HUGE!

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  1. I hope you are feeling better now! I have yet to have my wisdom teeth taken out but dread it so bad!


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