Wednesday, January 16, 2013

New room for Rilynn

We have been in our new house for almost 4 months and Rilynn's room has taken a backseat. So I now I feel its time to start working on her room and get it decorated, painted, and pretty!

At our other house she had quiet a small room just enough space for the essentials. Her colors were purple, white and some green. So now that she is not a baby and has 8 million more toys and books and just stuff I am starting to figure out a plan for her new room.

Currently I have her in one of the smallest bedrooms upstairs and then the biggest on is her play room.  So my plan is the flip them. I want to make her playroom her real room and the other room a craft area for her and overflow play room. Iv gotten some great storage ideas from pinterest so Im going to share my vision!

I have given myself a budget because I dont want to get to crazy so Im hoping I can accomplish everything I want to do within that.

This was my inspiration for the purple, grey and white color scheme I want to do. I love the curtins and the purple accent wall. Although I dont think it will work in the space. It has a chair rail on all walls so I will probably stick to all grey walls and white underneath the chair rail leaving purple as the big accent color. I did however paint a chalk wall under the chair rail on one side and I cant decide if it should stay. I will probably paint over it and use the round kids table we have and paint in with chalk paint for fun in the new playroom.

I want to paint the inside of the closet purple because I am also taking off the doors to make it open and to have her dresser in there to save a little space.
Source: via Norma on Pinterest

I love the idea of this rug but the color is a little off and I was thinking of maybe 1 or 2 small round rugs to make it fun. We'll see what I can find later.
Source: via Jordan on Pinterest

I will need at least 2 of these to go along one wall where I will have her tv and then storage bins to go in to keep all her toys and books in since eventually I will be turning the small bedroom into a new baby room in a few years and then move her more bulky toys to the basement playroom once she is a bit older and able to play down there.
Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

The storage to look similar to this except just on the lenght of one wall.
Source: via Kelli on Pinterest

These pillows in grey and purple I love from Etsy
Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

The closet will look similar to this with the dresser

We have a rocking chair that is currently in her room that I use to rock her to sleep if she wakes in the middle of the night but im thinking ill leave that where it is and not move it to the new room since she does have her little nod chair where she can sit and "read" or whatever.

The only thing I struggle with now is finding wall art and fun things to do with the space. I can envision what I like but I just cant find much. Its going to take some searching well see. So thats it. Im excited about this project and I will have it complete before summer starts and then I can continue to rest of the house!

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