Monday, January 7, 2013

Hello again

Well hello friends! its been awhile but it was nice to just sit back and enjoy life without blogging and to be honest not much blog worthy stuff has been going on so I saved you from the boring.

Its a new year with new goals and new seasons. I just know 2013 is going to be a great year I can feel it. I have a ton of home improvement ideas on my list since we are in the new house and I really cant wait to get started on them.

We officially have 12 months before Hubb deploys at the beginning of next year so I really want to soak this year in with lots of memory making and fun adventures and blogging more!

Christmas flew by but we had a great one this year with Rilynn and her opening presents it was priceless! I still have not transferred my pictures from my camera to load on here. We spent Christmas Eve with Chris's mom and we went to hibachi like we always do and then came home and watched some Christmas movie. We spent Christmas day with my family playing poker and having a great time. Rilynn got lots of clothes and a new chair for Christmas along with some flashcards, sticker books and anything Elmo because we are currently in an obsessed state with anything and everything "elro".

New years was pretty low key. I love New Years. I love the sparkles I love the champagne I love getting all dressed up. But this year H had to work so Ri and I spent our night with my best and her family and drank way to much champ and regreted it the next day but at least we had fun!

Next on my list of festivities is Hubbs birthday. Its next week so I have "tried" to put together a surprise but its not really workin out. We are heading down to Atlanta for the night to have delicious food and drinks with all of his friends and their wives that we have so much fun with anytime we are all together. Then we all have booked these suites that are really like little apartments at this awesome hotel so it should be a fun night. With a group like this we are bound to have one awesome night! I'm excited to celebrate Chris and his birthday!! I will definitely update about that!

For now that's it I gotta get some work done today!

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  1. Ok for reals, please tell me how to update your blog link so it shows up in my feed! I keep forgetting to check!

    Happy Birthday to your baby daddy!


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