Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Happy Birthday to the Husband

Today is Hubs 29th Birthday! He will have a nice relaxing day since I am at work and Ri is at daycare. We celebrated on Saturday night with his friends from work and we had such a great time (maybe a little too much fun)

The photos can speak for themselves. (apparently we made it into a bunch of photos from the club photographer) and yes we went to a club and its been a long long time since we had been to one it was strange.

Dinner was Ah-mazing. The food at Two Urban Licks is absolutely delicious everything is so good plus the atmosphere is really cool. So if your ever in Atlanta go THERE!!!

 Carrot cake was OH MY DANG delicious!

 Were pretty sure that's an ice cube that someone threw mid shot...looks pretty cool!
 Some randoms not really sure where they came from

Everyone had an awesome time including the birthday boy. We missed Ri so much that night that we did end up busting out the phones to show photos of her...I know lame we tend to do that when we have our date nights. We left pretty early to head home from Atlanta and thankfully we live pretty close.

The night couldn't have gone better! We spent Sunday relaxing and watching movies and football with Ri.

**Later this week like Thursday (way to soon) Im getting my wisdom teeth out and Im kind of a wreck about it im so nervous. I know everything will be fine its just the thought of someone ripping out my teeth freaks me out...ill update later!

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