Tuesday, December 18, 2012

16 Months and some updates

Since iv been MIA the last few weeks not much has gone on. Same ole stuff around here.

My little Ri baby is 16 months old this month. Here's her stats!

Weight: 20.12lbs (at 15month appointment)
Height: 28 inches

Getting bigger by the day. Not a lot to add from 2 months ago but definietly still as crazy! The last month she has really started calling mama out when she wants me AND I love it!

Some days are awesome and some not so much. Some days shes so clingy I cant get anything done and some days she just wants to play by herself.  When shes in a good mood its totally wonderful when shes being a little whiny pants well you know...

I think iv said it before but I do love this stage. You can see her learning and her list of words has increased! Shes a little copy cat as always. Just soaking everything up

She has her first ear infection a few weeks ago and that was tough. Not sleeping not eating crying all the time. Just plain miserable poor thing. It was bad.

As for teeth she has 4 molars, 4 front teeth, 4 bottom teeth and then the rest filling in before the molars (which is the cause of the fun in my house!) Almost got a whole mouth!

She has been a little bit mean lately...like smacking my face and hitting me with things and grabbing and pinching. Daycare? Yes absolutely I BLAME YOU! We are working on being sweet and gentle.I see a small amount of improvement as shes not terrorizing that kitty as much and actually petting her nicely.

We have done time out twice...annnnd shes doesnt get it and still does the same stuff so well try again when shes a little older. She just climbs out of the chair in the corner and I have to repeat a millions times in that one minute I want her to sit there and "reflect?"

Yea shes too young.

Climbing on things is her new fav thing. Shes so crafty she couldnt get up on the couch one day so she improvised and knocked down so pillows so it made her a little taller. Smart girl this one!

Oh well anyway. Other than a few off days here and there my sweet girl is just growing up super fast! We have been busy Christmas shopping for our families. I love wrapping presents its always fun for me. We have our annual christmas cookie party thats not really a party but its my grandmother, my mom , me and my sister and Ri of course. We bake and bake and bake to make special yummy gifts for neighbors and friends. Its been a tradition for years!

Iv also been very pinteresty? lately! Check this project out.

A little baking soda and bleach detergent made our tile look almost brand spankin new! I love!
The mixture to be exact is 1/4 cup of bleach detergent and 3/4 cup of baking soda mixed together it forms a paste and you just brush it on let it sit for 10 or minutes and wipe off and viola!

The other project im working on is a pallet wine rack. Which is so difficult and stressing me out. Im trying to surprise Hubb by doing this all by myself so well see. My goal is to finish it this weekend. Its looking pretty go so far but pretty much weights 8,000 pounds so mounting it will be a whole other story!

Some Christmas cheer!

 Ri and her sweet friend Eric with matching jams I love these too! It was a challenge to get them to stand still so this is the best we got.
 Opening a Christmas ornament!

Since I never shared how our Thanksgiving went...(it was wonderful by the way) here are some photos from the day. Chris unfortunately had to work so Ri and I headed up to my parents for the day.

ps. sorry these are tiny I did something wrong. Just click to enlarge.

Hope everyone has a Merry and safe Christmas!


  1. Hi Lauren, your sweetheart ~ daughter is such a cutie! Enjoy the toddler age ... The days fly by so fast ... I have two son getting near to teens now :) I'm visiting your from the Weekend Blog Hop, your new follower Nina

  2. Hi there! Here from the blog hop, new follower! You can find me at http://theresmagicoutthere.blogspot.com

    You have such a cutey!


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