Thursday, November 15, 2012

Getting ready for Christmas - Decorating Ideas

Since it seems everyone is jumping the gun this year on decorating for Christmas I decided to hop on and have already set up the tree and some of my mantle. I have a lot left to do but the house just seems so cozy with the soft white Christmas lights. I LOVE IT!

Chris thought I was crazy when he came down stairs the other morning and I was fluffing the tree. I get so excited and love to be festive! Theres something about decorating for Christmas that just makes people happy.

Im linking up with Leslie she is doing Getting Ready for Christmas series this week which is fun so ill share what I like.

For the most part our decor in our home is traditional, cozy and kind of rustic. We have a lot of dark green, maroons and gold/tan tones. Chris really loves rustic Christmas decor and thats a good thing cuz so do I. I see a lot of the deco mesh stuff and Im not really loving it. Dont hate me! So many people love it this year. Call me boring but ill stick with the good ole red, green, ivory and silver/gold sparkles. I am incorporating some burlap, twine and pine cones into our decor this year and I love that.

I love all of this!

I want to attempt to make something like these for our mantle this year too.

This is beautiful!
Source: via Elizabeth on Pinterest

This just looks ridiculously cozy!!
Source: via Leslie on Pinterest

This is maybe the only color deco mesh I like! Brown/gold this is pretty!

 I will be doing lots of crafting this weekend to finish decorating for Christmas!



  1. These are such gorgeous ideas! I love that mantle/tree pretty and cozy. :) Thanks for linking up on the Getting Ready for Christmas series!

    Leslie from Lamberts Lately

  2. Stopping by from the blog all the ideas!! I really love the cinnamon candles and the basket or ornaments. Everything is so cute! I love this time of the year.

  3. so very very pretty! puts everyone is a festive mood for sure!
    I am your newest follower..pls follow back if you can.


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