Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Destin Vacay

Hello friends!

We just got back from our little late beach vacay. It was so relaxing (well kinda as relaxed as you can get being at the beach with a baby!)

The weather was beautiful for the most part. It was a smidge windy but not too bad. We took her down to the water and from the way she acted you'd think the water was trying to kill us. Maybe she will warm up next year and love it like we do!

Friday when we arrived we unloaded the car and headed down to the water and it was gorgeous!! It was almost 85 that day it was hot.

 We then took Rilynn to the harbour village to all the boats and some more fun stuff.

 We saw some big fish and Ri couldn't have cared less about them. She looked at them for maybe 5 seconds and then was over it.

 We ate lunch on Saturday at the Back Porch which is an awesome restaurant right on the water. Chris took Ri down to the beach so I could finish my bloody mary in peace since Rilynn now hates to go out to eat and be constrained to a high chair and makes going out pretty much miserable but we made due.
 And of course we had to take a picture of her in the giant chair!
 More from the harbour.

 We went to BaytowneWharf our last night and its always a blast! It s a little village community with a bunch of bars and restaurants and even a stage for concerts in the summertime with shops all around too.
 This is the only picture we got of the 3 of us...lovely right!? Oh well

 This is technically Rilynns 2nd beach trip since we did take her to Hilton Head when she was only 6 weeks old for our anniversary but this time was more fun she loved to look at everything going on around her. Walks on the beach were fun. Maybe next year she wont try and eat the sand :)

It was weird to go from warm sunny beach weather to freezing cold sweater and boots weather when we got home. But were ready for Halloween tomorrow! Until tomorrow!

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