Wednesday, September 26, 2012

October crazies

Because my brain is overloaded at the moment. We have a busy month. H is going back to nights where he will work from 6pm-6am and that is always a huge adjustment. It just sucks to be honest I hate night shift for Police. This is our first month in the new house and also trying to rememeber that we still have our first home to pay that mortgage and HOA plus the new one and all those utilities. I need to organize. We have a 1st Birthday party for my fav little dude Eric coming up on Saturday that I cannot wait for! My brothers birthday is Friday. Work is crazy just a bunch of blah blah blah really. We are leaving for Destin Oct. 4th for our anniversary which should allow so relaxation with just the 3 of us. I have not been to Destin since I was 27 weeks pregnant last year so this year bring on the booze :)

In other news which im sure comes to no surprise my child is a crazy pants...the last 3 days she has been so weird. Screaming whining just plain awful. Teething? Growing? I don't know but shes sleeping almost 13 hours at night but before the little sleeping beauty falls asleep its game on war horror child. 2 nights ago she screamed for what felt like 5 hours before bed (really only 2). We tried everything nothing soothed her NOTHING worked until she got so tired out I had her in my arms and she was out like a light until around 8:30 the next morning.

Rilynn absolutely LOOOOOOVES (and when I say loves I mean pitched a humongous fit when it was time to come back inside) being outside in this cool fall weather. I am loving hanging outside with her. This time last year she was only 2 months old so we didn't go outside much. 

I have already decorated for Halloween I'm that excited! 
 **See also her new friend Mr.Mummy on the fireplace she gives him kisses
 Daddy daughter love

 Pizza night and the weirdest baby in the world that would rather eat peas than pizza?
 Ri is now 13 (almost 14) months old. She is learning a lot. Loves craft time and definitely loves being with the older kids at daycare. No more biting episode the last 2 weeks.
 Last but not least on this random post. We just so happened to go on a little stroll after dinner Friday night and got to experience a hot air balloon landing in our street. That was pretty awesome except that it almost hit the house that it landed near. Rilynn enjoyed it. She screamed and hollered at it every time they gassed it and they huge flame shot up. 

Our Anniversary is tomorrow and I cant believe its here that fast. 3 years. We are going out to eat a Milton's and I cannot wait its so good and I want a GIANT cosmo with extra vodka :) Nana will be keeping Ri for the night and we plan on going out after dinner so lets hope Ri doesn't act like a looney toones and Tami doesn't call us 8 millions times like she has done in the past when keeping le bebe. Happy Hump day

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