Thursday, September 13, 2012


We have a problem here. 

Sweet little Rilynn is a biter...  

It all started last week when I picked her up from daycare and had to go to the front office to sign an "incident report" She had bitten one of the other babies while they were both playing with the same toy. 

And then it happened again. Yesterday. When I picked her up again I was called to the front. Same thing. Playing with the same toy. 

She doesn't do this at home or when we do our play dates. Although I can see she is a bit aggressive and will take something from another baby no problem. I know she is only 13 months and I cant exactly have a talk with her. I was talking to my mom yesterday and she was telling me how my grandmother would bite my mom back when she bit to try and teach her not to do it and one time I guess my mom bit her pretty hard and so my grandma did the same and she never bit anyone again. Seems legit. 

I know where her aggressive personality comes from and its definitely not my side of the family :) I just don't know what to do. I feel terrible for the other babies at daycare. I know she doesn't mean to hurt anyone. I know that she is teething something fierce right now with those molars coming in all at once. 

That must suck big time. 

The other thing contributing I think is the fact that she is so mobile and active and they have her in the "explorers" room but no one else is walking they are all crawlers and under one. So of course she is trampling over the other kids with no regard. 

I think she may need to be with the bigger/older kids in the "walker" room. I think it is so strange that they are holding her back with younger babies. I know she is a tiny thing but she can definitely hold her own seeing that she is kinda turning into the bully in the baby room.

After yesterday I think today I will see if I can meet with the director to talk about her position. I don't want this to continue and I don't want to have to keep apologizing to the other moms for my child biting their child its just embarrassing. Well see how that goes...and if you have any advice on biting please share im desperate over here!!

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