Thursday, August 30, 2012

Moving Hell

Clearly I need to be reminded how horrible moving is... I hate it HATE HATE HATE. Maybe its the fact that we have a baby now and that like doubles the amount of crap we have but holy hell this has been stressful. 

I am however happy to report that we are finished moving everything out of our other house so that the guys that are renting it from us can move in.  I'm not sure what made us think being landlords was a good idea but lets all pray that we haven't just made a huge mistake :)

We are coming along slowly but surly with unpacking stuff at the new house. Things are a mess but I have all weekend to get situated and semi organized. 

The neighbors and neighborhood seem to be pretty amazing. Either people were really curious about the police car in the drive way or they really just were that nice and wanted to come and meet their new neighbors. We had at least 5 different people whose homes are around us come over to chat. 

Apparently the people who lived in this house before us were super sketch. The old lady across the street said that they had some kids but they thought the mom was a stripper because they always had tons of cash around. Who knows? Luckily for us the people we bought the home from was a reno company that had completely redone the inside every little detail new. So if she was a stripper no stripper germs in that house! Ha!

Rilynn updates: She is loving the new house and all the space she has to run around like a crazy person. She started saying banana (nenana) this week since that's usually what I give her for breakfast with cheerios or a waffle. Its pretty adorable. She also says night night (nigh nigh) and slams her head down on a pillow or blanket. Also pretty adorable! She is starting to understand no and something new she is doing now is whenever I take her into her room she immediately freaks out like she knows it time for bed and throws a fit. Ill have to fix that not sure what to do. 

Here is a few iPhone pictures from the past couple weeks

 She decided not to take a nap on Monday which resulted in her falling asleep literally with food in her mouth. It was a slow head bobbing event but it sure was hilarious to watch her fade into sleep.
 My friend sent me this the other day I its just adorable. The top I think Lyla was a month and a half and Ri was just 3 weeks. The bottom is Lyla at 13 months and Ri just shy of 1.
 We had a random date night Saturday thanks to Mamie. Chris had just returned home from his A.T. stuff with the military so that was a nice surprise!

I think that covers life the last few weeks. Im so tired. Im ready to be settled in. 

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