Tuesday, August 14, 2012

12 Months!


1 whole year!

Here's whats going on with my munchkin!

at 11 months I mentioned that I thought she was 20lbs well shes not shes right at 18lbs!

27 1/2 inches!

Clothing Size:
Still the same 9 months, 12 months Just depends on the brand. Shoes she is wearing a 2 sometimes a 3 but her toes hide

 size 3 during the day 4 at night and if you can believe the 4 even overloads thru the night I need try something else. It sucks waking up to a wet baby and sheets.

We switched to almond milk just after she hit 11 months and we saw her GI. All is good with the almond so far. She gets about 24 oz a day. Next week starts the bottle weaning and I am not excited. I dont know how I am going to get this kid to take in enough milk thru the sippy and sit still long enough to do it. So well see how that goes. Shes a pretty good eater. 3 meals a day with snacks. Loves and I mean LOOOOVES goldfish. She will eat just about anything but the problem is she doesnt eat a lot. I give her a normal portion size and she eats about half of what I put out. Just a little frustrating.

Dirty blonde and her hazel eyes look like they may be turning all brown.

Depends what kind of mood miss sassy pants is in. She goes to bed around 8ish every night so at least that's consistent!

Fun Stuff:
 Same as last month basically. Saying mama more regularly not sure yet if she knows the difference. Still pointing to everything. Still loves any and all dogs we see! She gets so excited. Laughing more just randomly. She has become really shy around strangers. If we are out and someone starts talking to her that she doesnt recognize she tries to hide and look for me. "Wheres Rilynn" is quite possibly her fav game. Ill catch her hiding and I didnt even know we were playing its very cute.

Other shenanigans going on...im still packing, just started actually and it freakin sucks!  I get so overwhelmed with all the crap plus all of H's police and military stuff I just give up. He gets home 2 days before we close so I know Iv got to make some progress and have things almost ready to go by then so well see. Im recruiting friends to help me. There will be wine and lots of it :) 

Now for some recent photos via instagram! Have a great week

 Ta Da! look at my dog

"where's Rilynn?"

 Good Morning 1 year old! This was the start to our awesome day
 Me and the birthday girl!
 We ate at the Varsity before shopping our butts off at the outlets! We had a blast!
That night we headed to a surprise birthday party for a friend. He was so nice to share the celebration. Rilynn got cake and party hats!

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