Thursday, July 26, 2012

Whats goin' on

We have some exciting things coming our way in the near future!

We decided about a month ago that it would be a good idea to start looking at purchasing a bigger home that we can grow into (with a little jealousy from 2 of our couple friends that had recently moved.) We currently own our "starter" home if you will. We have lived there for 3 almost 4 years now. We bought the home just before our wedding in 2009. Its your normal 3 bed 2 1/2 bath home but it only has 1,400 sq. ft and its in the most cookie cutter neighborhood you have ever seen. I swear. Its like a sea of homes when you drive in. Every home looks the same except for color and style of brick. Its ridiculous! While it was great for just us two adding a baby and another dog just kinda crammed us in. We have no more storage. Our attic is full, overloaded, bursting at the seams and our garage is a disgrace. We are the family with the junky garage with random piece of furniture, pictures, fake plants and tons of baby stuff too.

So the decision was made. I came home one day and Chris had already done the hard work and we were on a roll with our real estate agent (who was amazing by the way thanks to the VA!) We love the area we currently live in a knew we didn't want to venture too far out of that area. Its smack in the middle of the grandparents on each side and smack in the middle of both our jobs. Plus their is tons of shopping, restaurants, malls and the outlets which I love. Kroger is mere 2 minutes away which is always a plus! 

So it just so happened that the day we went looking at homes with our agent she showed us a new listing and we fell in love as soon as we walked inside. It is literally 3 minutes from our old house. It was in an older more established neighborhood which is what we were looking for. The inside of the home had been completely redone like a new modern home which we were looking for also. Its perfect...really! 

Once we found the home we loved we then had to come up with a game plan for our current home. Selling wasn't an options the market is too shitty for that right now we would end up owing. Renting was the next best solution. We listed our home on Craig's list and within hours we had a hand full of people interested. The next day Chris set up times for people to come and look and by the end of the day we had signed a 2 year lease!

We close August 27th and I couldn't be more happy except for the fact that I now have to pack all by my self since Chris will be away at drill all of August. That part really sucks but ill survive. He just throws shit in boxes anyway so this will allow me to actually label and organize things and pack the right way :)

Other events: Its almost PARTAY TIME and I cannot wait I'm getting so excited!! I have a list of crap to do about a mile long but I don't care its going to be great! I cant wait to celebrate my baby turning 1! Come on Sunday!!

Since Chris will be gone in August Rilynn and I will be taking a weekend trip with my mother in-law. Iv lost my mind Lord help me Jesus! It could go one of 2 ways horrible and really horrible. Shes an interesting lady and very bossy and controlling especially with the baby but you know "shes raised to kids" so she knows everything and I'm a dumb first time mom. Will update later :)

Stay tuned for PARTY PARTY PARTY!!!

Have a great weekend!

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  1. How exciting!!! I can't wait to see pics of the house and party!!

    Haha and good outlook on packing yourself! I would have the same problem packing with my husband.


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