Wednesday, July 11, 2012

11 months!

Here we are one month away from 12 months, 1 year old. Its incredibly crazy to think that we will have a 1 year old in one short month. 

Time sure has flown. sheesh!

(I haven't done her 11 month photos yet so I will post later this weekend)

 I'm guessing around 20lbs. You seem much heavier the last few weeks. 

again guessing probably 26, 26 1/2 inches. short thing!

Clothing Size:
  9 months, 12 months depends on the brand. Shoes are a 2 or 3.

 size 3 all around!

Big changes...she takes 3 bottles a day one in the early morning, one at nap time around 2ish and one at bedtime around 8-9. We started almond milk this week and she seems to like it. We give her a sippy cup with it and she loves to walk around and carry it along with her. She has been eating pretty good meals each day too. Breakfast (when shes home and not at daycare for breakfast) is usually a banana/blueberries and waffle or Cheerios. Lunch she is loving peanut butter and jellies and turkey. Grapes are probably her fav fruit. She snarfs them down. Dinner is whatever I cook. She loves chicken and sweet potato fries.

Her hair is lightening up. Dirty blond. Eyes are hazel.

Depends of how the day goes but usually she sleeps through the night. I'm not complainin'

Fun Stuff:
Ri is absolutely crazy!! I love it shes into everything as always. 
Shes imitating a lot which is hilarious! We do silly things just so she will mimic. 

.:See below:.

She hardly ever crawls anymore. She loves her sneak a roo shoes that squeak when she walks and straw cups are a huge hit!

 Anything that has to do with water and/or pool she is all over it Loves! I could leave her there for hours until shes a wrinkly ole prune!

She started clapping and pointing and now points to everything with her little chub finger. She thinks it funny to point and always looks around to make sure we saw and then has a huge smile on her face.

She loved the fire works on the 4th she was memorized! I was surprised. I kinda thought she wouldn't like the loudness but I was wrong.

She says dog (dah), da da, nana and uh oh. Mama gets said on occasion but its rare.

Throws tantrums I'm talking laying flat on the floor face down melt down when daddy comes home and doesn't hangout with her for a least 5 minutes before he goes and changes out of this uniform and crap and puts the dog away. She has made it known that she must have his full attention. And when hes finally home she continues to follow him around for the rest of the evening. 

.:melts my heart:.

But wheres my love? She doesn't get sad if I go up stairs or I'm not home  :(

She is one strong willed child that's for sure! Very stubborn. An identical clone of Chris if you will. 

She has started a little bit of the stranger anxiety.  Shes getting really quiet and shy when someone she doesn't recognize come in or talks to her. 

You have finally moved up to the toddler room at daycare! Hale-freak in-lujah! They normal move babies at 9 months but since Ri wasn't napping once a day like they like and was still really small -even tho she was walking and eating all real food- they still wanted to keep her with the babies which to me didn't make since because you could tell she was bored in there. She had no one to play with. It just didn't make sense. So now we've moved up and im happy and so are you!

11 amazing months! I love watching you grow baby. Every day is so fun (except when you act like a crazy pants every now and then.) 

Happy 11 Months Ri!  

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