Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Weekend randoms

This past weekend was super relaxing! 

We hung out at a friends pool with one very adorable little boy.

 Clearly they had a blast! Match made in heaven if you ask me ;)

Rilynn did a ton of walking almost 90% of the time shes walking now. I just need to get her some good shoes but you know I really hate stride rite. I mean their girl shoes are just flat out ugly I don't like em. I need to do some research on toddler shoes.

I was lazy and did some more crafting for her party and snuggled with my happy girl since daddy worked all weekend.

I practiced pipping icing...it did not go well :( 

I made delicious Ranch Chicken Tacos

I got a new iPhone because my other one was attacked by the concrete and scratching my fingers when I was using it. AND...I did not lose my instagram photos which I was worried about. Everything came back just as it was hooray!

And with that ill leave you with more cuteness!



  1. Sounds like a great weekend! Yay for walking and pool time! That little pink tu-tu suit is adorable!


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