Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Summer Fun and Oh How Pinteresting!

We have been having a lot of summer fun around here!

Sunshine, pool time, friends I love it!

We got all classy on you and got a blow up pool for our backyard for when the neighborhood pool is too crowded and I don't want to be around all those people! Ri loves it its shoots water out and to be honest I kind of love sitting in it too!

 This girl could have floated around the pool if I had let her! She did not want to get out. She was a wrenkly ole' baby when I finally got her out!
Early morning snack time before daycare and new shoes!

 This collage of pictures just makes me want to say "Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee"! Clearly swinging is a blast for her!

Now onto Pinteresting things! This is whats floating around on mine! Happy Wednesday! 

Source: via Beth on Pinterest

Your crazy if you dont love these!!

Why didnt I think of this its Genius!
Source: via Jackie on Pinterest

I need to do this
Source: via Zenaida on Pinterest

I am finding where to purchase this and getting it! How cute is that?

Source: via Lauren on Pinterest

Source: via Mia on Pinterest


  1. Yum is right I want that fruit cup!

  2. The pool looks so inviting! Great idea for a quick cool off! I'm not a mom yet, but your pins seem like they would be super helpful! (Especially the one with the suction cup attached to the sippy cup!) Thanks for sharing!



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