Tuesday, June 12, 2012

A Milestone I dont want to forget

This post is a smidge overdue and I wanted to document this since its a big baby milestone.

For the last couple of weeks Rilynn has become very brave and started taking a step or 2 on her own towards certain things. She does very well when you hold one hand at walking. She can steady herself and walk along with you. Every night Chris and I sit with her and let her practice going between us both. She gets so excited when she reaches you its a great feeling! Last night she got even more brave and actually let go of the coffee table to go towards the kitchen with nothing to go to she just wanted to go in that directions. Although she face planted she still got one good step in. 

I just cant believe how this time has flashed before me. My 10 month old. Taking steps. Recognizing a dog (any dog) by saying "daahh" when she sees one. Yelling "da da" at the bottom of the stairs when she knows hes up there. Learning how to open the cabinets (and pitching a fit when I wont let her open them!) I want to soak this all in and never ever forget these moments. Everday is so fun and full of new things. 

I have a 10 month post coming I just need to do photos I was busy busy yesterday with doctors appointments for moi! No fun! 

Happy Tuesday!

1 comment:

  1. That is sooooooo awesome! She will be walking before you know it! That's where the tiredness (on your end) begins!!!!


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