Thursday, June 28, 2012

a little self awareness

Who doesn't love a good tan? And summertime for that matter? 

I don't know about y'all but when I was in high school I basically lived at either the tanning bed or the pool. I even recall one summer laying out in my drive way using baby oil. YIKES! 

My skin type is good the kind that gets a golden-y tan (olive completion if you will)

Now as a result from all my dumb tanning decisions I made whilst younger I am now paying the price sadly.

I have had numerous moles and spots removed because they took a different shape or color and just look strange. 

A few months after Rilynn was born I finally went to the dermatologist (it had been probably 10 years or so since my last visit) Since I'm already at risk for skin issue since I have so many moles already. They took 5 off to have them biopsied. Two came back totally normal (whewww!) One came back mild, one came back moderate and one came back sever. 

The sever one is the one they were most concerned with and wanted me to come in immediately to have it punched out and stitched up. Well stupid me waited 9 months to actually go and have it removed. 

Today was my appointment. There is something about sitting in a waiting room that just gets my nerves all hyped up. I'm stressing because the spot came back after they removed it and like an idiot I waited a long time to get it taken care of. I could blame it on the baby but we'll be real here I just didn't want to go. Its like its just reappeared in  the exact same spot under the scar from where they cut it out originally.

So they cut it out, gave me stitches and I have 5-7 days until the results come in and im hoping/praying that I don't have melanoma or something else horrible.We have no history of skin cancer in my immediate family that I know of but im pretty sure im the only family member that has all these moles. My brother and sister none! Not fair

If I could go back in time I would lather up on sunscreen and not be such and moron with all the tanning. I will probably look like someones leather purse one day or not...hopefully not. I refuse the layout and tan now and have for about 2 years now. I'm doing tons of damage control to moisturize and have healthy skin.  I will definitely be going every 6 months for the rest of my life with out a doubt!

Moral of my post: Wear your dang sunscreen :( and fake tan instead!

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