Wednesday, June 13, 2012

10 months

Miss Ri is 10 months old!

You weighed in yesterday at 17lb 5oz
 (we were at the doctor yet again because Ri now has pink eye in both eyes)

25 3/4

Clothing Size:
  6 months 6-9 and some 9 months just depends

  size 3 your cute little big booty is just too big for a 2

We have made big progress in the feeding department. Rilynn now takes 6oz every 4-5 hours and 3 real food meals a day. This is huge! Finally!

Hair is light brown and some blond in the back where she went bald for a little while! Still while and crazy and I have no clue where her part my be we just switch to whatever were feeling that day! Eyes are tricky. They are still kind of green but mostly brown so its like a hazel color.

Sleep varies...depends on the day I suppose still but all around not to bad. Most of the time she sleeps through the night with some random few nights.

Fun Stuff:
Before when I said Rilynn was into everything I lied now she is into everything! Shes learned how to open the cabinets so that's fun... we got locks immediately. She really wants to climb up the stairs and throws a fit when I don't let her. Taking first steps and saying "dahh" and I swear its for dog! Cruising along walls and really anything that will keep her steady. Shes so much fun and babbling so many new sounds. Loves to swing and go on walks in her stroller around the neighborhood. Lights up like a light when she hears or sees her da da. It melts my heart! 

Shes just growing and growing and we are enjoying watching her develop. The best job in the world!

I'm still busy crafting away getting ready for her 1st Birthday. Chris thinks I'm a nutso from all the crap I have stacked up ready to go and he probably hasn't seen half of it!! That's it for now. Life has been pretty boring around these parts were just enjoying the summer and being outside! Until something interesting happens! Have a great week :)

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