Wednesday, May 2, 2012

We have a toofer!

We FINALLY have a tooth people!!

All this miserable-ness for a little nubb. 

 I really couldn't believe it. It just appeared out of the blue. I really don't think that was showing yesterday morning and then boom I pick her up from daycare and there it is! I was so excited. Its her first toofer!!

 In other news the Mr. will be leaving for 2 weeks on Friday (sad sad sad) for his national guard training once a year. I know its only 2 weeks but for some reason I feel like I'm going to be exhausted doing everything all by myself but I shall survive. I sure cant wait for him to get home tho! 

We have one of Chris's best friends wedding coming on the 19th which should be fun. Its at an events facility barn here in Cumming. So if the weather is nice and not scorching hot it should be lovely!
 Now I just need to find some activities to fill my time with since Chris wont be home. Ill keep crafting for Ri's birthday. Iv got a good head start anyway it will be stress free when it gets closer.

Oh I almost forgot (how? I don't know) to share that out of all the months of this year Chris will be gone THE.ENTIRE.MONTH.OF.AUGUST! Seriously? that's crap. He will again have his national guard training and will be leaving August 3rd and returning 3 weeks later. I'm so mad my blood boils when I think about it. But there is nothing I can to do change it so it is what it is and we have decided to do Ri's party at the end of July so he will be here for that. 

We have had our arguments about it and maybe I'm being too dramatic but I just cant get over the fact that its her first birthday. The first one. Sure she wont remember it but I think for my own selfish reasons I wanted him to be here on her day (did I mention its a Saturday how perfect right?) so we could make it special and have those memories. But momma will just have to do! Ill make it special for sure!

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