Friday, May 4, 2012

mumbo jumbo

  • Not only do we have one tooth coming in we have 4 more that we found in the last 2 days. Shes an absolute joy to be around. Teething tablets don't do anything waste of money. Motrin is literally the only thing that eases her pain.

  • My husband just left for 2 weeks and now I'm sad and its a dreary rainy day...can you say boooring I foresee a lot of shopping to help me cope

  • We had a GI apt for Ri and got the ok to try switching to soy formula instead of the 8 billion dollar alimentum. Can I get a heck yea for saving money! The Similac soy is a good 12 dollars cheaper. Approx. saving of about $75 a month. Ill take it!

  • I do have to get and send in poop samples thru the mail from Rilynn for the next 2 months...lovely 

  • Is it bad I'm a little excited Chris is gone because I'm excited about making pinterest dinners for myself. fat.kid.
  • I'm starting Rilynn's baby book...its about time

  • I now have my own domain name :) its acting kind of messed up tho with redirecting 
  •  We snipped Rilynn's rat tail...(yea she was that baby with a rat tail!) See below for proof 

 Now we have a perfect little lock of her hair to save!


  1. Visiting from Kelly's Korner. I live in GA also. Nice to "meet" you. I'll be following your blog now!

    1. Hello! Thanks for visiting. Ill be following you also very cute blog!

  2. Stopping by from Kelly's link up, I'm also in GA.


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