Sunday, May 6, 2012

Makin new friends

I'm linking up with Kelly's Korner to make new friends in my area!

I think this is great. Its so fun!

So who am I?

Well I was born and raised here in Georgia. I have a huge love for all things beach and sunshine oh and flip flops! I love blogging and taking tons of pictures. I'm married to an awesome cop who keeps me motivated and strong. We have a beeeautiful little spunky baby girl who is the light of our life.I love being a mother. I love to dance and I love all kinds of music. I'm enjoying everything life has to offer and couldn't be happier!

So all my Georgians HOLLA~


  1. Ok...I'm reading your about me/profile again and it is SO crazy how much we have in common. Our precious girls were born 3 days apart and both of our husbands are K9 officers. AND I just got an email from you leaving me a comment that says the same thing that I am saying. Weeeirrrd! Now if you tell me you are a teacher I am going to flip. :-) SO nice to meet you! Excited to follow your blog and you on twitter. We'll have to chat and see what else we have in common. But then it might just freak me out. ;-)

  2. I'm not sure if i can reply to your comment through email b/c it says no-reply, but I use powerpoint to add the pics. Then I take a screenshot of it and adjust the size.

  3. Hi! I'm a new follower from Kelly's Korner. Feel free to follow me as well :)

  4. Hey, thanks for following! You daughter is adorable, love her name AND I've always wanted to visit the deep South! My husband is from Texas so that's as far as I've been. Happy Friday to you!

  5. Thanks for commenting! So fun that our baby girls are the same exact age. Cute blog! Can't wait to read more about your sweet girl! It's so much fun hearing the similarities and differences in babies their age.


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