Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Invitations and weekend fun


How cute! 

I know you all probably think I'm crazy for starting so early but I'm a girl that loves to be prepared and I didn't want to worry or stress! Plus our bank account will thank me for getting a head start and not depleting it all at once! I'm just super duper excited! Its going to be great!

My weekend was awesome Hubb came home (hallelujah) on Saturday! I really did feel like he was gone way longer than 2 weeks. Rilynn wasn't so sure about him for a good hour but then I think she realized that was her daddy and she remembered him. I could tell Chris was sad about that at first. Makes me nervous for August when he will be gone the whole month. Who knows how she will react when he gets home then.

Anyway we had a pretty relaxing night watched movies had a few martinis! It got interesting around 12:30 when Ri woke up screaming bloody murder. Most likely its her teeth the blame because she did it again Sunday night and last night. It looks almost like her lateral and central incisors on the bottom are coming in. I think its so strange that all of these teeth are just popping up all around the same time. But as always everything I look at online says every baby is different blah blah blah

We went to a beautiful wedding on Sunday except it monsooned the entire ceremony (it was outside but covered) 

All I brought was my iPhone so the pictures are not that great.

This was the barn where the reception was.
 Here is the covered area where the ceremony was help while it poured. It was actually pretty cool. It had a tin roof so the rain was super loud and you couldn't really hear what was going on during.

 Liz and I
 The Groom! 
They used to live 5 houses down from us but just recently moved we miss them!
 The Bride!
 I have creepy eyes and because of the rain my hair got so frizzy by the end of the night

 Inside the reception was really pretty and just casual. I loved it. The Bridesmaids changed into cowboy boots

We had a great time! My mother in law kept Ri for the night and I was very nervous to say the least. She is the grandma that says "Iv raised 2 kids I know what I'm doing" and we all know how that ends! But to my surprise she didn't call us once the whole night. Although when I called her around 9:30 in the morning Rilynn had been awake since about 8am and her last bottle was at 4:30am and she was asking me when she should feed her. It got heated I wrote everything down plain as day so their would be no confusion but clearly its difficult to follow directions. Needless to say I had a starving child for the rest of the day that was trying to catch up on her missed bottles. I think we will stick with my parents for the overnights! They are pros! 

Until next time! Happy Tuesday!

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