Saturday, May 12, 2012

Being a new mom/ mothers day

Linking again with Kelly for new moms!

Being a new mom has brought so much joy to my life and not just my life all of our loved ones and people around us. But don't forget the challenges and learning experiences! 

Its funny with how each stage of life your conversations change. When thinking about getting engaged all you talk about is what your ring is going to look like where is he going to do it how and when? When planning a wedding your mind is wrapped around all the details and dreaming about your day and how you want it to go what you want the weather to be like, if people are going to have fun. When finding out your pregnant I know for me I was entirely consumed with the Babies R Us website and everything baby even the Bump message boards!

Now that the babies are here when we have play dates in the early months we would talk about "what does your babies poop look like?" Is your baby doing this, is your baby doing that? We talk about diapers and foods they are eating and now first birthdays! There is so much to learn from other moms. I love hearing other stories and experiences from them. 

When you talk about your kid to people who don't have kids yet its hard for them to understand (at least for my non kid friends!) the love and excitement having a baby, a human you grew and created with the man that means the most to you brings! There is no greater feeling on this earth then waking up to an adorable little person standing in their crib smiling at you babbling just waiting for you to get them out to play!

Being a mother has changed my life and I now cannot talk about my sweet girl without thinking about how blessed I am to have such  a special, spunky, crazy, healthy little girl who is an exact replica of her daddy! This mothers day will be so wonderful. Although hubbs is away I will spend the day with my mother and sister. Two very important women who I love so much. 

Thank you to my husband who helped me create such a wonderful blessing with which I now get to par-take in mothers day and thank you to Rilynn for bringing me so much happiness and joy. I am so proud to be your mother you make me so happy. Your beautiful! I love you both more than I can explain!

Thank you to my mom for being an amazing mother and grandmother! You have taught me so much in my life I am so blessed to have a mom like you. I love seeing you be a grandmother it warms my heart! I love you so much!

Happy (early) Mothers Day to every mom out there!!


  1. Your family is adorable! I am now an official follower of your blog! :)


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