Friday, May 11, 2012

9 months

Here we are another month gone by. Rilynn Elizabeth is 9 months old today.

Her stats: Weight: 16lbs
                      Height: 25inches
Edit: added more photos

What picture time has turned into! I can usually only get one good one out of 50!

Sizes: Diapers size 2 for daytime and nighttime size 3 still. Still fits in her 3-6 footed jammies but mostly in all 6  and 6-9 months clothes. I cant find any shoes that fit. I guess she has small feet. I have some size 2 shoes but they are still too big her feet slip out of them. So I guess ill try shoes again in a few months.

Food: She is doing well with the Soy formula still 6 4oz bottles a day. Some days are better than others. At daycare she is doing really well with food. She eats a big breakfast and then does alright with lunch if she is hungry. She loves spaghetti! We still are just on 2 solid meals a day. Sometime she will eat a 3rd solid meal but that is rare. She still LUUVES puffs. She could probably eat the whole container if I let her. Still working with the sippy cup. She usually gets so much water she chokes a bit and coughs it up so I have been hesitant to try formula in there. It would just be wasted.

Activities: This is kid is so ready to walk its not even funny. It makes me nervous. I'm not ready for a walker even tho she is a fast as lightning crawler. She has been doing the crawl with your butt in the air on your feet instead of using her knees. Its hilarious to watch! She pulls up on everything! She has even figured out how to stand up using just the wall or door with nothing to grip. She will not let me read her a book anymore. She doesn't want to sit still and I guess I'm a boring reader. Shes pretty independent for the most part but lately has been whiny when I put her down to play on her own. Exploring is her favorite activity and she has now figured out how to climb the stairs so that's fun....(runs to get a baby gate!)

She is super sassy...If she is not in the mood for something weather it be food or a toy she will shake her head "no" really hard. Its kind of hilarious. Her and Chris have made a little game out of it and I am not allow to play along. Chris will shake his head and then she will mimic and wait for him to do it again. But if I try and do it I get nothing. I'm not cool enough I guess.

I love seeing her personality come out. This stage is so fun although its flying by. She gives kisses which are more like a slobbery open mouth lick but Ill take it its so cute. She high fives! 

She now has 4 teeth that are almost all the way in and then 1 bottom one that just an edge is poking thru. Wont be long im sure. She has been miserable the last few weeks.  Chris picked a perfect time to leave...not!

Anywho Happy 9 months Ri I love you!


  1. I found you on Kelly's Corner! My 6.5 month old seems so similar to your little one. I LOVE her hair! Feel free to follow my blog as well! :)

  2. Visiting from Kelly's! I have a 5 month old daughter- can not believe all the hair your little one has! Makes her look so much older, I'm lucky I have a few strands of her hair for a clip :)


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