Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Easter Weekend!

We had an awesome Easter it was beautiful here in Georgia perfect weather! We spent the day with our families and ate tons of food and the Easter bunny brought Rilynn a few goodies! We didn't go all out just a few outfits and some plastic Easter eggs that she LOVED!!

This was the little dress Rilynn wore I love it its so sweet and classic! Although it was a bit scratchy she was fine with it tho.

On Saturday we went out again on the boat and of course it was a blast!!

 First time feeling sand and didn't like it
 Miserable little lady in her life jacket :(

 My brother came home from Texas last week also which was awesome! We haven't seen him since Rilynn was 2 weeks old so it was great for him to hangout with her for a little while. She wasn't so sure about him at first but warmed up quickly! Ill update later and add the photos of them I got!

You can tell hes not familar with children! Hes doing to awkward hold cuz hes not sure

My Sis!
Rilynn's great grandfather!

To end our Easter weekend I had to take Rilynn to the doctor yesterday because on Friday I had noticed that her tongue was white. It just looked like her taste buds were being weird but turns out she has a form of hand,foot and mouth disease. She doesn't have blisters on her hands and feet just in her mouth. On Saturday I noticed that she now had some little lesion looking things in her mouth on the inside of her lips and gums. My poor girl has been very irritable and cranky and wasn't eating any of her solids and barely finishing her bottles and we now know why so the doctor prescribe a mix of Maalox and benedryl 5x a day for 5 days to coat the sores in her mouth and I'm stuck at home this week working from home until shes all better!! Last nights sleep was a little better but I'm still tired and ready for her to be all better I hate it when she is in pain.

Lastly, today Rilynn is 8 months old!!!!!!!

I will do her 8 month post soon once I get some pictures done happy Tuesday!


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