Monday, April 16, 2012

8 months

8 Months!

Her stats (because we were just at the doctor blah)
Weights: 15lbs 12oz
Heights: 25 1/4in.

Size:  Ri is wearing 6 months and some 3-6. It depends on the brand like everyone says. She is in size 2 diapers and size 3 for night time. 

Food: Still the same on the formula...whatever! I bought some of the "textures" beechnut baby food and she loves those. She loves to eat what we eat and seems to prefer real food over baby food so that's why I tried the textures and I guess it makes her feel like she eating what we are eating since its chunky. So that works for me! I want her to eat eat eat! Her current favorite foods are peas and chicken! She normally doesn't eat a ton but when I give her peas she will eat 2x as much as normal. weird because they smell terrible.

Its pretty awesome to feed her what we eat I just love seeing her face while she tastes new foods and she is a great chewer.

Sleep: Its alright just kinda depends on the week it changes. Currently we are doing well bedtime is 9 then shell sleep until about 5 or 6am wake for a bottle and then back to bed for another 2-3 hours! Since she has been under the weather with what we though was hand,foot and mouth disease, was really just thrush. Our doctor was wrong and when she woke up 2 days after our first visit worse I took her back and that's when they decided it was thrush so now we have the right meds and she seems like its getting better. Her mouth isn't white anymore and she is sleeping like normal. 

Activities: She loves to stand! I swear if she could walk she would! Shes walking along the couch and the coffee table and using her little walker thing! She also loves her little activity table she will stand there while the music is playing and bounce/dance its pretty awesome to watch. 

We have had to baby proof a little bit more by taking all the white ends on the door stopper things  that make the booooung noise when you flick it! Shes constantly crawling around trying to fine one to flick.

And as always now that she is on the go non stop its difficult to get her to stay put for pics!

 and because this picture cracks me up!!! who doesn't love a "big" cute baby booty! Look at the belly she hides it well under her clothes!!

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