Thursday, March 8, 2012

remembering pregnancy

Because I never did this at the end of my pregnancy and another blogger posted hers yesterday got me wanting to do it and because picnik is my favorite site thanks to Mrs. Pav and is now ending soon and I will no longer be able to make awesome collages (sad face) I decided today would be a good day to do it since I'm bored at work...It also makes me wish I had taken my weekly pictures in the same dang SPOT each week and not all over my house in every room with a mirror... sad again...

I got lazy and don't have any 38 or 39 week photos. I'm sure their was no change I was huge and their was no more room for the little one to grow!

is it weird that I kind of miss it??? yea that is weird. My prize at the end was well worth 40 weeks of being fat and eating whatever I wanted and peeing all the time! Now look at her getting so big so fast!!


  1. Love it :) You know, you could just get preggers again and then make sure you take all your pictures the same way....... :)


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