Monday, March 12, 2012

Month 7

This month has been full of new things!
We have a crawler who is ALL over the place.

Weight:  15lbs even
Length: 25 1/4in.

Sizes: She is in size 2 diapers wearing 3-6 and 6 months clothes and some of her 3 month dresses from the end of last summer that were too big for her then. Its really strange how different brands fit. One brand in 3-6 might fit perfect and then another one would be too small or too big. Just weird!

Food: Still a crappy eater with formula! Lately its a struggle to get this kid to take 21oz of formula a day! The last 2 weeks have been fun introducing bigger pieces of food. I gave her a whole banana and she LOOVED it!! We had blueberry waffles Saturday morning and she liked those also except she spit out all the blueberry skins... her favs are chicken and sweet potatoes I pureed it up really finely and it was a hit also she thought tomato was yum!


I'm still a chicken butt tho I'm terrified of her choking so I'm hesitant to give her the stuff were eating but I'm getting there. I obviously know how to help her if she is choking it just scares me anyway.

Sleep: has been alright I feel like i shouldn't really complain when I see other mamas with babies that get up more than twice a night. I should be thankful. She has her nights but for the most part I can handle getting up once a night :)There are those rare nights when she will sleep 10-12 hours STRAIGHT its glorious!

Teething is horrible for us. My poor girl isn't handling it well. I can see that one wants to pop through it just hasn't yet. Shes got the little bumpy rashes on her cheeks and the drooling has increased. its pretty miserable for everyone I feel awful.

Favorites: As most babies she loves crawling around exploring and getting into stuff! She is now pulling up on things to either stand or be on her knees. She looks like such a big girl when I see her do it...makes me sad shes growing so fast! 
Our coffee table that used to have some coffee table books and a glass dish with crap in it now replaced with a baby!!

The crib has been lowered since now when she wakes up she is standing waiting for me to get her out! 

Our dogs and cat are her ABSOLUTE favorite! Every time they come around she gets so happy and blabs to them and reaches out to touch them. Hunter goes up to her a licks her face to death and she thinks it hilarious every time!

Also being outside!!! We grilled out Saturday with our neighbors and I brought her outside in her jumpy play thing and she literally could have stayed out there all day LOVED it!

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  1. My goodness, I LOVE her hair! She's a cutie.


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