Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hobbies and weekend recap

So I dont know about you guys but my husband always feels the need to be spontaneous and exciting which is one of the things I love about him. I love to do random things but lets be honest with a baby that's just not really possible. 

Almost every weekend Chris gets the urge to go on a trip. Saturday morning we will be laying in bed hanging out and he will be on expedia looking for hotels in different cities. Before our sweet Ri was here we would do that ALL.THE.TIME. Go down to Atlanta stay the night have a blast. Go to Gatlinburg, Biltmore, Dollywood, Destin, Charleston, Hilton Head. Anywhere close (drivable) you name it we were going. I definitely miss being able to do that but I'm not upset or anything about it its just life and I'm ok with that. 

Chris on the other hand is itchin'.

Since we cant take our little trips as often on whim... hes turned to craigslist...

At first it was Jeeps he would go buy crappy old Jeeps and fix em up and then turn around and sell them. Well no we have no more Jeeps in our garage now we have a boat. Not a nice fancy pretty boat...and ugly funky little boat. Its clean and new on the inside. It has new carpet, seats and cushions.

I was really not into the idea at first and was thinking this was a waste of money. But after some long hard thoughts about it...who wouldn't want a boat? I mean its like instant fun as soon as your out on the water.

We immediately went to walmart to get an infant life jacket and a little floaty thing and lots of fun summer things. I packed about 80 million bags for Rilynns crap just to make sure she wouldn't get bored or burnt or hungry or hot! We filled up the cooler went to publix to get some publix subs because their amazing and if you don't have a publix in your area just be jealous!!!

All in all it was a great day not so great at first but once Rilynn got used to the life jacket and we got the boat going she was great. Loves the wind blowing in her face not so much the sun. We will definitely be getting a Bimini top for next weekend for some shade we were a bit ghetto yesterday using an umbrella to shade Ri. 

 In other news Ri and I spent Saturday at my parents celebrating the million birthdays we have in our fam. Chris had Drill this weekend and couldn't come but we had a great time visiting with my Grandparents and everyone else.

This week is a busy week. Tomorrow we are having a birthday lunch at work to celebrate yet again for the 4 birthdays we have here then Thursday this momma gets a night out with her girlfriends and I'm super excited no babies no husbands just the ladies! Then Saturday Miss Ri is going to spend the night with Mamie and Papa and Chris and I are going to have some alone time :) And lastly Sunday I have a Mary Kay party to attend! Fun fun fun!!!

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