Thursday, March 15, 2012

baby friends - my how they've grown!

We had our monthly play date last night and it was a blast! I love seeing these cute little munchkins all together playing, learning and looking at each other in amazement! I hope we continue this for a long long time! I also love my mommy friends A.Lot!

Luke's face is like "hey baby how you doin?"!

St Patty's outfits! BFF's

If you cant already tell...ITS IMPOSSIBLE to get the babies to sit still for photos! They are all on the move busy!!

Handsome man Eric with his ladies!

 Rilynns hair got all rough from crawling around!!

 Here! all four of them kind of looking!

 Not so great photo but that's all I'm gettin these days! This was at the end of the night after chasing them around for a few hours!
Cant wait till next month!

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