Thursday, February 23, 2012

pinterest 1st birthday

Yea Im already thinking about Rilynns first birthday and have been for a good few months. I want to get a head start :)

My original thought what to do something along the lines of "my sunshine" or "you are my sunshine" but then I was on pinterest one day and saw some really cute ideas for a pink lemonade themed parties so I mushed the two together. Here are some of the pins I found lets hope I can actually make this happen.

I found a couple to choose from
Pinned Image
Pinned via pinmarklet

I like this one minus the blue I would probably use a darker pinkPinned Image

All of this below I want and will either try to make or just buy it from the Etsy shop (link below) How cute is all of this... I just love it

I have already started with making the tissue paper poms poms. Big yellow and light pink ones for all over our back yard and inside!

Pinned Image

There will most definetly be a huge thing of pink lemonade for everyone and I love the mason jars.
Pinned Image

I love the straw idea for these cupcakes
Pinned Image

favor bags!
Pinned Image

This was from a "you are my sunshine" theme but I will definelty do this for each month and have a couple of these to show her growing photos
Pinned Image

straws for cupcakes and drinks! super cheap on Etsy.
Pinned Image

hair bow from posh pretties
Pinned Image

Pinned Image

Iv been looking high and low for either a light pink ruffle-y dress or light yellow luck so far but ill find one! I love all of these ideas and cant wait to get going on it!
So stay tuned and maybe in 6 short months Ri's first birthday will actually look like some of these pins!!!

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