Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Wow is all I have to say for this last weekend. Im definetely beatin a dead horse here with this topic but im at my wits end and need to vent my frustration.

Teething is in full swing at my house and its miserable... FOR EVERYONE! My poor girl is in so much pain and you can tell. She has done nothing but cry and fuss for the last 4 days and at night it gets so bad I give her Tylenol just so she can relax and just be normal. Iv tried everything (so I think) nothing will keep her happy for longer than 5 minutes.

chew toys
ice in the mesh thing
frozen teethers
teething tablets
baby orajel
my finger
cold water in a sippy
cold tip of a wash rag

NOTHING will work other than Tylenol and I cant freaking give her tylenol all day long everyday. She has had it the last 3 nights before bed and then still wakes up almost every hour crying from pain. She even had a low grade fever and the little red rash our pedi said they could get from teething.

On top of  this she is also not eating well and I know thats normal but she barly is getting 18-20oz a day and is not instested in solids AT ALL!

I found myself yesterday getting really frustrated and had to step away take a break and remember that she is a baby and just needs to be loved on. I felt like a bad mom for losing my patients but thats where Chris came to my resue and brought me back down.

Does this teething thing come and go and for how long is one teething? If its anything like my wisdom teeth growing in I totally feel her pain its terrible I feel like there is nothing I can do to help her other than tylenol.

I have to tell myself its just a fase I will have my happy fun sleeping through the night baby back in no time! But for now im exhausted and grumpy. But I do feel better now that I got some of that out!!

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  1. You might try buying a baltic amber necklace (see this link for a sample explanation of its benefits - http://www.balticamberteethingnecklace.com/). I just bought one for my 6-month-old, so I can't say for certain whether it works for us yet. But I bought mine from Etsy seller Amber4U (http://www.etsy.com/shop/amber4you?section_id=10413188) because she had great reviews, and I figured for the price it was worth a try. Hope this helps and good luck getting through this tough time; I know I need it too!


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