Tuesday, January 24, 2012

toys were loving, baby food and tummy sleeping diapers

Rilynn is loving a bunch of her toys right now. She is always trying to reach for some toy

 Currently the top runner for toys is this cute little thing we got this weekend and Babies R Us. Her name is Violet and you can program it with songs you like (it comes with a USB) also you can choose a favorite food, animal and color and it will make songs about them. It has a timer for bedtime music and whenever you get sick of hearing the same songs you just go online and click off different ones. The best part is it says her name and the way it says it is hilarious! You just have to get one its worth the 20 bucks. They have a boy one too and his name is Scout.
 This little car mirror has been great. I only recently put it in the car but before she would love to play with it on the ground something about babies and mirrors. When they see themselves it must be hilarious
 Next up this Baby Einstein phone thingy...It plays music and lights up! She loves that. The only thing I hate about it is that is doesn't play music for very long and I have to hit the button every 10 seconds. But still she is mesmerized by it so we deal!
 If your child is teething get one of these. Its a Nuby softees. It has different ridges and bumps on it for their gums. Plus it has a little case that is GREAT so it doesn't get yuck in the diaper bags or where ever. Just a good buy!
 This is a teething blanket from Bright Starts (ours is pink) This thing is great it makes a crunchy sound on one end and then has a rubber teething corner and then loops for rings or whatever you want to attach to it. I clip it to the car seat handle so she wont drop and and can chew away and play
Now on to baby food....I am just flat out confused my Pediatrician sucks the one we were using left to switch practices so were just stuck until we find someone we like. But anyway I started rice cereal when Ri was about 4 months-ish but she wasn't interested so I wasn't really persistent and just kind of gave up. Well now that we are on to some veggies and fruits I was reading in the what to expect first years book and it says I shouldn't have started baby food yet only cereal. Well I don't care so I'm going to continue because she seems to really like it and I don't see anything wrong with it. Shes already and tiny little girl and I like giving her a little extra nutrients a day even if its not a lot. 

What I'm confused about is once you start do I need to do it every day? I know when your starting a new food you do it for 3 days to make sure there is no allergy and then wait a few more days to try another food. Also right now our time that we do solids is just kind of random whenever I can work it in whenever I think she might be interested. Is there a specific time I should be doing this and does it need to be the same time every day?

Ri has her six month appointment soon so maybe I can get these things cleared up then.

Ok so my last random for this post is diapers...Like I said in her 5 month post she is in size 1 still but were almost out so I'm switching to size 2 in like 10 diapers! We seem to be having an issue at night I put her down on her back and I guess she is more comfortable on her tummy so she flops. The problem with that is that she pees so much overnight since she started sleeping 10ish hours that it leaks and she wakes up soaking wet in her bed and all and I have literally had to change her crib sheets 500 times just this weekend. Its annoying so I asked one of my mommy friends who's daughter sleeps on her tummy and she said she just upped her diaper size for sleeping. I tried that with a 2 no help same problem so I tried a 3 same dang problem!!! All her pee is going to the front the diaper in the back is completely dry its frustrating. I don't know what to do...I need like a diaper wrap or something to keep the pee in and not all over her. Any suggestions? Ill try a size 4 I guess and see if that helps...


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  1. As far as the feeding goes, I say go with your gut. Your her mom, so you know her better then any doctor or book ever will. If she is handling solids well and she likes them then go for it. We started my little guy on cereal at 4 months so far he is loving it. Also thanks for the suggestion on the teething stuff, Ethan is MISERABLE right now. As far as the diapers go, try switching brands, we noticed that even though we like pampers, huggies seemed to hold urine better over night. Hope you find a solution!


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