Friday, January 6, 2012

Hubbs is home FINALLY

Man what a hectic last few days. Chris is finally home from the hospital.

So you remember my post from when this all started. Well Tuesday Chris was at work and started to feel horrible. He was having bad stomach cramps and even throwing up so he left work right away and drove himself to the ER again where they admitted him and starting running all the tests that they needed to do. I got there around 6 because I had Rilynn and obviously wasn't going to bring her in to the hospital so my mom rushed over to watch her. I sat with him for a little while and when I left for the night the game plan was to have his gallbladder removed in the morning at 9:30 so home I went to get Ri ready for daycare the next day and get some sleep. 

I return in the morning at 7am and we wait and wait....and wait! 9:30 rolls around and the doctor comes in to tell us that his bilirubin levels were 3x elevated so the doctor explained that the reason these levels can be elevated was either one you had a kidney stone/mass or your liver wasn't functioning correctly. 

They then wheeled him away to do more ultrasounds to see if they could see a stone which they couldn't through the ultrasound its so fuzzy and unclear it would have had to be huge to be visible. They ran some other kinds of test then they brought him back up to rest and spend the night for another night and tell us that he "should" have surgery in the morning depending on the results...GREAT! So anyways Thursday morning rolls around the nurse from overnight tells us that his bilirubin levels were still elevated and that once they got him into surgery they were going to use a dye to help them figure out what was causing the upped levels. 

So its surgery time I'm waiting with my little pager for it to go off and let me know that hes out and all is good. They put you in a little consult room to wait for the doctor to come out and tell you how it went. We talked he tells me they couldn't do the dye because his bile duct was too small so if there was a stone its too small to block anything. They removed the gallbladder and discovered that he has a very common liver disease called Gilbert's disease. From what we have read it is nothing serious and many people have it and don't know they are no outside symptoms. He was born with it so from now on whenever they do labs on him he can just flat out tell them whats up.

After all that he went to recovery and then back up to our room and was then discharged 4 hours later. His luxury vacation lasted a whole 3 days 2 nights. They only let him eat chicken broth and crackers his whole stay. He was STAAAARVING when he got home and settled. He is recovering pretty well. If I can tell you anything about my husband it's that his name should be "Antsy Nancy" I mean seriously. Hes been home for almost 24 hours and he want to get out and go shopping even tho he is in pain still. He cant just lay down relax and heal nope hes always got to be on the move!

We were lucky in that while all this was going on Rilynn was in daycare for most of the day which made it easy for me to be with Chris in the hospital and then I would pick her up and either Mamie or Nana would come and watch her for me. Alright I'm off to tend to my poor pitiful husband who wont lay down and rest instead of my baby who was poor and pitiful last week!!!

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