Tuesday, January 3, 2012

The gallbladder

Well folks the Mr. would probably kill me if he knew I was posting about this. For some reason he is extra sensitive.

Any who it all started Sunday when he started having some sharp pains in his stomach. He thought it was just indigestion so he was literally eating tums like candy so not good but he wouldn't listen. I drove him to the urgent care at around 5ish and once we got there he started second guessing himself...I'm talking like he got out of the car would walk half way there then turn around and come back and probably did that 5 times and then decided he was fine. Really? men some times!!

 Finally at midnight he could stand the pain anymore and decided he was just going to go to the emergency room  and get check out. I felt bad he drove himself but Rilynn had had a fit trying to get to sleep that night (chick was inconsolable for a good hour it was terrible) so he said he would just drive. The hospital is only about 5 minutes away so it wasn't bad. He got checked in they drugged him up of course with an IV and got him to an ultrasound room to take a look and it turns out homeboy needs his gallbladder removed. It wasn't an emergency but he needs it out within the next few days. I was relieved because he has been so annoying at night with his indigestion and burping it was time to figure out what the hell was going on. So after that he calls at like 1 needing a ride home and of course I'm going to get him it was just the fact of waking Ri up getting her in the car seat and all that. I was so afraid she was going to scream her head off the whole time but she actually didn't even wake up while I put her in the car seat or when I had to get her out when we got home too. Awesome!

He should have it done sometime next week so that's good. They gave him tons of meds so he's not in a lot of pain right now. He is being weird about telling people its kind of funny...I mean I don't think its anything to be embarrassed about right? its just your gallbladder which brings me to a questions my mother in-law asked...

When it fails how come you feel pain and things aren't right but yet when you get it removed your good as new? If you didn't need it in the first place then what was its purpose and why did it cause discomfort...

I said hmmm ill have to get back to you...kind of a good question unless I'm just a huge moron and am missing something...?

Well Happy Tuesday I'm back at work after being off all last week taking care of Rilynn who is 110% now yay!! Ta-ta!


  1. I had mine out about 5 years ago... omg the pain was so bad I thought I was going to die!
    Basically the gallbladder helps break down and create bile to pass. It squeezes stuff and then gets passed to the intestines. So the bile gets backed up and turns into stones and when the gallbladder squeezes it is now squeezing stones not liquid and that is what causes the pain.
    It's a nice thing to have but not a necessity. ;)
    I hope he feels better soon!
    The surgery itself for me at least was out patient. It only felt like I did a million sit ups. Didn't really hurt at all! The worst part was the air that got stuck. (They fill your abdomen with air to get it out) and air gets trapped.)

  2. Oh no! Poor hubs! I hope the surgery will make him feel better..men are so whiney!

  3. They sure are!!! I know he'll be just fine and the doctors are very informative so we feel good about it!


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