Monday, January 16, 2012

5 months!

Another month has gone by and my sweet baby is 5 months old. Here's what were up to

This month we have attempted to start rice cereal and was unsuccessful...Shes totally uninterested but we went straight for veggies and fruit and shes loving it. Sweet potato's are her fav and so are pears. Peas not so much she kinda gaged. She still take a 4 oz. bottle of formula every 2.5-3 hours and refuses to take any more than 4 oz so I give up if shes happy with that amount and is still gaining then what they hay.

My guess is about 13 lbs. She was 12ish at her 4 months so I'm thinkin that's where we are. She is still in size 1 diapers but were moving to 2s as soon as I'm out of 1s in a few weeks. She also is still in 3 month clothes. They fit perfect! 3-6 is a little big but doable.

  She can sit up by her self for maybe 10 seconds and then flops over. Were workin on it shes just so tiny. Shes still rolling like crazy and now sleeps on her tummy with her but in the air. Just like mommy used too its really very cute! She has had a blast in her activity center thingy we got her for Christmas and its fun to watch her actually play with the things around her. 

She is making so much noise now a days...She is fascinated with the animals. Kitty will walk by her and she squeals with joy and tries to grab her. And lastly she LAUGHS its freakin hilarious! Its so funny to watch her get excited!

 Here she is sitting making a strange face!!

We had another play date with our BFFs and added a couple of babies to the group!! We only got a few pictures but Rilynn and Eric had similar outfits it was adorable and then baby Luke was there he is a few days older than Ri.


We had a blast!!

Chris is finally healed and back at work thank goodness! Things are starting to settle down so thats nice.

Chris's 28th birthday was yesterday woot woot! My parents kept Rilynn overnight for us on Saturday so that we could go out with some friends and have fun! We went to Two Urban Licks in midtown and OHH-MMM-GEE if your ever in Atlanta you must go there. We have been there a number of times and its our favorite place to go. YUM

Thats all the update I have for now 


  1. Happy 5 months Rilynn! She's getting so big! Glad the hubs is finally back to work..isn't it just *lovely* when they're home all day....hahahaha


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