Thursday, December 29, 2011

Poor pitiful baby

Rilynn is sick for the first time and it breaks my heart... She has had diarrhea and spitting up for the past 3 days. Shes not eating like normal she has cut her oz. in half. We went to the doctor on Tuesday and it was really no help our pediatrician gave us some pedialyte and sent us on our way. No fever but she is more fussy and not playful. I wish I could snap my fingers and she would be all better. She is just laying here not really active. you can tell she doesnt feel well.

I'm at home taking care of her today. I left work early yesterday when the daycare called and said she wouldn't eat. Talk about a freak out when you see on the caller ID at work that its the daycare my heart dropped to my stomach. I immediately left to go pick her up and take her home.

Its weird how your mom instinct kicks into high gear when your child is sick. This is a whole new feeling for Chris and I. He's worried I'm worried were nuts around her right now we just want her to feel better. So for now I'm going to enjoy my day taking care of my poor baby in hopes that she will be all better real soon.


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