Monday, December 26, 2011

Oh the Holidays (with a million pictures)

I hope you all had a great Christmas! We sure did at the Harrison household. It has been a very busy 3 days and boy are we glad to be home in our comfy clothes just the 3 of us and nobody else!! Rilynn definitely has been over stimulated this weekend poor girl.
First stop...Nana's house! (Chris' mom)
 Me and my girl!

Here is Nana and cousin Evan! He calls me Aunt La La and I love it!!
Nana and Ri. Her pigtails I mean come on how cute!! She had a little reindeer clip with googly eyes too and a Santa hat!
Sweet baby :)
 And this my friends is what I woke up to Christmas morning! The worlds happiest smiley baby and she managed to get one foot out of her jammies!
Christmas Morning!! ignore my beautiful face and Rilynn's crazy hair!
 Her new toy! She had crazy hair from her pigtails....Looks like she had a wild night :) This child is going to be so spoiled...She got tons of new toys and books and adorable outfits from everyone! Shes one definietly one lucky special little lady!
 One funny she got was this bib from my uncle Scott and Aunt Lisa and I think it very fitting for both sides of our families! (sorry its sideways)

2nd stop Mamie and Papa's house 
We had fun with my dads side of the family we ate tons of food and played poker like we do every year its a blast! The only thing missing was my brother :( He moved to Texas a few months ago and wasn't able to come home for Christmas...It just wasn't the same ya know
Papa, Mamie and Aunt T with Rilynn

Sisters love her to pieces!
 Papa and Ri! He loves her so much it makes me so happy hes a great Papa!
And that's it! We had a great few days and Rilynn's first Christmas but we are worn out. In between Chris' moms and my parents house we stopped at our good friends parents house  (papa Rob and aunt patsy) for just a little while so they could see Rilynn on her first Christmas so she has seen a LOT of people the last 2 days and now its time to relax and have a few days to not eat 8 million calories a day of delicious holiday food. 

Next up the new year!!!!

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