Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Im Late Im Late for a very important date

Ha you thought I was pregnant again didn't you!!!!!

Well I'm not but I did want to do one of those post. You know where you say a year ago today I got the news that changed our lives forever ya that one! I'm actually a few days late with this post.

A year ago on the morning of December 5th 2010 I took a pregnancy test not expecting any good news and too my surprise it was positive we were pregnant! I don't think I will ever forget any details from that weekend.

It started Thursday the 2nd when I woke up before work and decided to take a test. I was only a few days late and since my period had been irregular for some time then I thought it was normal but just tested any way and got a big fat nothing not even a faint line so I went on about my day. That Friday we had Chris's swat Christmas party that was a blast and since I got a negative I had a few glasses of wine. Well I had just found out that our friends John and Stephanie were pregnant so that was what everyone was talking about and it gave me some baby fever.I wanted to be pregnant.

So Saturday Chris and I decided to do a date night downtown in Atlanta which we did quite often. We stayed the Embassy Suites had and awesome dinner went to Whiskey Blue at the W Hotel and there we met Ryan freakin Reynolds!!! It was amazing we even played with his little fluffy white dog.So totally random and I like it. It adds some jazz to our story!! He was in town filming the change up so that was super cool. We ended the night and I remember I had slipped the last pregnancy test in the box in my purse. I really don't know why I brought it looking back but for some reason I did so Sunday morning I woke up Chris was still asleep and I grabbed the test out of my purse quietly and went to the bathroom. If you've taken a million pregnancy test before I just kinda flung it on the counter again not expecting anything because at that point I think I may have taken 8 million test in that last year and 3 months. So when I went to flush the toilet I picked up the test and immediately saw 2 lines...I had to wipe my eyes to make sure I wasn't seeing double. I ran out jumped on the bed to wake up Chris and said I'm pregnant!! He didn't believe it I showed him the test and the look on his eyes I will never forget. (makes me tear up now sappy sappy) He didnt want to get to excited because it wasnt confirmed but I could tell! We packed up really quick and headed home so I could take a few more test and they all came up positive. We couldnt believe it we were pregnant!! I called my gyn the next day and we had our first ultrasound...crazy right

And from that day forward the journey began. The most precious gift god can give was given and we are forever grateful. This little girl brings so much joy to our lives and makes us feel whole. I may be exhausted and have bags under my eyes but I sure wouldn't trade it for the world. I love being a mother its the best job in the world...ok now I'm crying.

Lets lighten this post with some photo of who other than Miss Rilynn!


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  1. ok....Lauren Harrison! First I freaked because I thought you were preggers and THEN I cried.....LOL....great post!! =)


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