Wednesday, December 14, 2011

4 months and a trip to Charleston

Howdy doo! We've been busy busy the last few days! 

First ill start with the fact that Rilynn is now 4 months old! Not a whole lot new from 3 months except way more talkative and she is now rolling from her back to her tummy. She is definitely a pro and wont stay on her back for more than 2 seconds before flipping over. This now affects her sleeping because she can not get back over yet so then it wakes me up and I have to just flip her back over and then 10 minutes later again and again and again. Real awesome :) 

She weighs 12lbs 6oz so were gaining. Shes not a great eater but again our pediatrician is not worried so whatev. Currently she takes 3-4 oz every 3 hours. She is still in size 1 diapers and in 0-3 month to just plain 3 month clothes! Rilynn really wasn't in a photogenic mood she blinked in almost every photo i tried to take. Bleh So enjoy her eyelids!

 Squirmy little chick. She will not sit still.

 Her hair in this picture reminds me of an emo punk kid! Ha

Next on the list was our trip to Charleston SC! it was awesome. We absolutely love going to Charleston this time of year. This is our 3rd trip there together and Rilynn did great the whole time! We went to the market and bought an ornament like we do every time. We went shopping and the weather was great. We ate at some really great restaurants too :) Here's the entrance to the traders market.
 Here's our ornament.
We took a date night sleigh ride with Santa! it was super cheesy but nana watched Rilynn for us and we had fun with some wine in us from dinner :)
Also apparently it was our "anniversary" because we got a complimentary bottle of champagne I mean who would turn that down...are faces were classic when we opened the door and the waiter goes happy anniversary!!
Here we are outside our hotel at the fountain. We stayed at the Harbour View Inn

On the pier

At the battery! Its so beautiful there.
Pineapple fountain
 Crappy photo but its outside our hotel
 Half of rainbow row

So that's it! lots of fun definitely tired. It was a little more stressful than relaxing but oh well. 

Now we've got a busy weekend ahead. tomorrow night is my office Christmas party then Chris' swat team Christmas party is Friday night and then Saturday we have dinner plans with some friends. sheesh I need a full day of sleep to recover.

Were getting very festive this week. Ill share our holiday decor later but here's our tree!!

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