Wednesday, November 9, 2011


I need a little motivation to get back to my pre-pregnancy weight so what better way to make myself accountable then to broadcast it on the Internet? Right...well its time Rilynn is 3 months old and there is no excuse for me not being back to my normal weight. I have been lazy and have just kind of settled for my new "mom" body and that is not ok. 

Each week I am going to make myself post my weight. I lost 20lbs 4 years ago with cutting out all crap food, drinking tons of water and eating fresh produce and smaller portions. I will also do some light exercises to help tone my flabby belly and tighten the skin. 

I was a competition dancer for 15 years growing up and its absolutely crazy to me that now I hate working out. The idea sounds good for the first few days and then im over it. I went to dance classes 4 days a week back to back classes until 8-9pm each night. It was insane the amount of time I spent at the dance studio. I want to get back in shape instead of just settling so here's to being a MILF :) hahaha

And if anyone wants to help keep me motivated and join please by all means

Don't worry I thought I was really cool back then :)
This was a hip-hop dance

This was a lyrical dance
 Here is a tap number
 And another

 So if that isn't motivation enough for me I'm jealous of my 17 year old body :(

.:deep breath:.

Current weight: 134.6
Pre-pregnancy weight: 124
Goal weight: 120

Im going to do this I will not give up I know I can do it. Im not giving myself a time limit just want to get back to feeling healthy, young and attractive again.


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  1. ok first, that looks like it was soooo much funnnn!!!!! I wish I could would look like a retarded chicken or something =) Second, good for you! I think you look great, but I know how it is to know your body and know that its not how you want it! And I am about to jump on the MILF band wagon too! There are some serious squats and sit ups needed for me! By the summer we will be wearing those bikinis with pride! Cheers!


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