Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Forumla checks and walmart I hate you

I don't even think I can describe in words right now how pissed off I am at formula checks and walmart. Rilynn is on Similacs Alimentum formula you all know this. So my friend Stephanie and various other people have sent me their unused formula checks. What that basically is is a real check from similac for $5 to use toward your purchase of any similac formula. So I had roughly enough similac checks for 8 cans of formula mind you one can is about $28 so that would use 5 checks. (one can last aprox. 4 days) Any who the first time I went to use the similac checks at walmart they let me use all 5 at once so I only paid about $4 for the can. Awesome right? Yea well ever since then every time I go its like fighting a war to get them to use all of them at once. I even saved all of my receipts from previous trips for proof that they took all at once. 

So today I go to walmart to pick up a can and what do you know the little old lady that rang me up said she can only use one at a time. So I asked to speak to the manager so I could show them where they have done all 5 before. Even with my proof she will not that them. I then asked her to please show some consistency and if your not going to let me do it now have a freaking staff meeting and never let me do it again and tell all of your employees. I am beyond frustrated with all of this. I'm so over it I want to scream. All of this ended with me storming out saying thanks for nothing. Whoever invented formula I would love to have a conversation with asking why its so dang expensive. Even just regular formula is off the chain expensive.

How long does one can last you?   

I cant wait til Rilynn's 4 month appointment to see if maybe she has outgrown her dairy intolerance that would be fantastic!!

Alright I'm over today googbye


  1. aww! I know girl, they only let me use 1 at a time too! Stupid...and one of the big plastic tubs of formula lasts me about 6 days.... grrrr

  2. Ugh, I feel your pain! Prosobee is about $28/can and we bought coupons off Ebay! I wish we lived closer, I have a huge can of Alimentum that we used only one time (Presley couldn't take it), I would totally give it to you! We are going to try giving P regular formula in a few weeks. I get so nervous thinking about it though!


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