Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Cuz we're the 3 best friends...

that anybody can have...(get it get it? its from the hangover!!) HA I loved that movie its so funny!


Its adorable baby friend photo sharing time! Enjoy :)

How cute are these little munchkins!
Eric - 2 months Lyla - 5 months Rilynn - 4 months (almost)
 I slacked a little for Thanksgiving and all I could find was a boring ole boyish Thanksgiving onesie woops!

 Lyla is looking at Ri like "hold my hand dude"!

 Ladies man in the middle :)
 Turkey day!
 They look sneaky in this photo like their up to no good!!
 Best baby friends hanging out :)

I do not feel like weighing in today so I'm not. Whatever I was 2 weeks ago just add a pound or 2 to that! Thanksgiving was delicious! We'll try next week!

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