Friday, November 11, 2011

*3 Months*

I have a 3 month old!! Rilynn has been so much fun the last few days. She is talking so much more making all kinds of noises its adorable. She smiles anytime some one makes a silly face or noise. She makes bubbles and drools like crazy. She is growing so fast. She loves her play mat now but hates tummy time. She also loves to look around and explore outside.  She can tolerate her bumbo for a little while. She loves to watch me cook or clean in the kitchen. We set up the highchair in the dinning room and she loves to watch us eat. We got her some new toys with lights and music and she stares at them with this hilarious little look of amazement.

Her stats
Height: 21 3/4 (still)
Weight: 10lbs 6oz.

She had her 2 month shots a little late because of all the poop problems we were trying to figure out and she did so great. Cried for only like 30 seconds and then was all smiles again. She only got a slight fever that night but wasn't fussy and slept ok.

She has been on this little lets wake up and be starving at 3am for the last week or 2 and while its not horrible it could be worse I'm still tired and it makes getting up at 6 SUCK but I'm dealing.

Can we talk about her hair for a sec....Its CRAAAZY!! It will not lay down. It sticks straight up no matter how we brush if after her baths. She has 2 calicks? right in the back of her head which causes a tornado type hair do. Poor girl once is gets longer maybe it will flatten out but right now it is off the chain all over the place. 

 We had an exciting weekend Ri got to go to her Mamie and Papas on Saturday to spend the night again. We went to our good friends wedding. It was a lot of fun plus I love getting dressed up! My mom was awesome to offer to keep Ri for the night to give us another night to ourselves. I missed my little munchkin butt so much tho but its reassuring to know she is in great hands :)

Any who who's ready for Christmas ?? I am already listening to Christmas music on pandora I cant help myself I feel like a little kid I get so excited. I have not forgotten about Thanksgiving I love that Holiday too and I love getting together with family and this year with Ri I cant wait. I just really REALLY love Christmas and Christmas trees and the lights and all the music. This year will be even better with Ri I cant wait :)

I'm going to try and get some work done today so have a great week!

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