Friday, October 21, 2011

When it rains...why does it have to poor?

Alright so this is going to be a bunch of complaining. Where to start well...ill start with me.

10 weeks (10 loooong weeks mind you) and still not healed. I went in to see my OB today after Rilynn's pediatrician appointment to talk about what the french is going on and why its not healing...well the doc took a look and said that I had hypertrophic scar tissue. I wont go into detail you can just google it but it sucks and he removed it WITHOUT any numbing meds or anything and I'm almost died right there on the table. A big FAT FML for that. Anyway he said in 2 weeks or so I should be finally back to normal if nothing else goes wrong. Ill keep ya posted.

Next would be my sweet baby girl. So we switched to formula right to try and fix the blood in her stool problem well its not fixed even on the hypoallergenic formula so what do they do they refer us to a baby GI. At her appointment today which was supposed to be her 2 month shot visit that has now been postponed they pricked her big toe and tested her iron levels and she is a smidge anemic. When I say smidge I mean they "like" the level to be 12 and hers was 11 so I'm not to worried about that but they did give us some iron drops to give her. We will see the GI on Monday and hopefully have some answers then and can get her on the right formula and my little monkey will be all better and her tummy wont be messed up anymore. 

The bills are never ending i mean really...every dang day we get a new one from either the pediatrician or another one from the delivery. I'm avoiding the stack for now its overwhelming and I don't feel like dealing with it so ill leave it up to the Mr. On top of the 8 thousand medical bills we I will be adding another one to it for my wisdom teeth whenever I decide to do that but to be quite honest my teeth is the last fricken thing I want to think about. 

I told Chris we should look at this the time I'm 25 in 1 and half years we will have all of our medical bills paid off and then we will have time to settle and get ready for the next. HA that is if I decide I want to go through all the post partum crap iv had to go through. I think by the time we are ready for the next I will have forgotten about all this. I say this all the time but I feel like childbirth is kind of like getting a tattoo. Its so painful while its happening but then you keep wanting another and forget about how bad it hurt. 

Im going to quit my bitchin. There are far worse things and I feel blessed with what iv got just a few hurdles to jump over. Im off to get supplies to make Ri's halloween costume that im sooooo excited about!!  

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  1. I feel your pain! It took me a long time to recover also, it sucks! I hope they figure out a formula to put Rilynn on, I know that's no fun!


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