Friday, October 7, 2011

So.. You ask how my first week back was...

Well it started off a little rocky. Lets do a little outline of my first morning shall we!

Tuesday: (first day in daycare)

6:00am - wake up

6:15am - feed baby and pump (at the same time yes I'm that awesome!) oh and I forgot drink coffee in between breaks while feeding :)

6:40ish - get Rilynn ready change diaps and all that jazz.

6:50ish - get myself ready super fast

7:00am - pack bottles and car with all her crap and mine for the day. Which includes Rilynns diaper bag with all the normal good stuff in there and cooler bag with dated and numbered bottles for the day. For me I need my purse, all my pump stuff and extra cooler and ice packs for expressed milk. Theres about 6 bags total I have to get in the car in the morning before I even get Ri in there. Talk about stressful especially for a first time mom who was used to just bringing my sunglasses, cute little wallet and phone with me every where I went. GAH!!!

7-7:15am - I get Rilynn in the car somewhere in between then and we were off!! The daycare she goes to is about 2.5 seconds from our house so that is fabulous!

7:20am - We get there get all her crap in her cubby put bottles in the fridge try to fight back tears as one of the other babies is already crying. My sweet little pumpkin was fast asleep in her car seat so I left her in there and gave her a big kiss. I made it out of the door of the infant room without crying and into the lobby I went where I had to sign her in (Que tears) I lost it and in front of the director. Now when I say I lost it nothing crazy happened I just had an ugly trying to cry sob cry face while talking to the director.

7:30am -cry my way to work...and then cry some more once I got their and one of my co-workers asked how it went.

I think I drained my phone battery so fast on Tuesday because I kept looking at photos and videos of her all day long.

I called around lunch time to check on her to make sure she wasn't just crying all day and she was just fine.
I get off at 4 and I don't think I have ever drove that fast to get home. I couldn't wait to pick her up I was so excited!! So I pick her up around 4:30 and they gave me a little sheet that they had filled out and I got her stuff packed up and noticed that they had only given her 3 out of the 5 bottles I had packed. Now I didn't make and pack 5 bottles for no reason. I did that because she NEEDED to eat all of those while I was away per our pedi. I asked the lady why their were 2 bottles left and she said "she wasn't showing hunger signs" this pissed me of because in the morning you fill out a little schedule thing and under feeding I wrote ever 2 hours please per her pedi. Well I guess she cant read or didn't see that because they were letting her go 3.4-4 hour stretches. Not to mention they practically let her sleep ALL FRICKEN DAY!!

Anyways we get home and little monk wants to eat every 1.5 hours for the rest of the night until 2 am when she finally fell asleep (kill me now) Lucky for me that same night I was coming down with cold and felt like dog crap. Rilynn must have known I didn't feel good because she woke up at 5:30 ready to go for the day (again it must have been my lucky day :) That's a total of 3.5 hours of sleep and that doesn't fly with me especially since the cold was coming on. 

When I dropped her off Wednesday morning and you betcha I told them to keep her awake and feed her all 5 bottles every 2 hours. They did just that for Thursday to and she slept like and angel  at night. Wednesday morning I actually had to wake her up!!

The rest of the week went alright and was still really hard to leave her again Wednesday and Thursday and it is now Friday and I'm working from home and i wish I could do this every day I love it. She sleeps in her swing while I work and then I take a break and feed and change and play and then get back to work whenever she takes another nap. Its totally awesome.

Well anyway that's how my week went it will get easier to leave her I know I just hate missing her so much when I'm at work and she smiles so much now it just melts my heart i love it. 

Now for an adorable face...
If you cant tell shes got a HUGE chunk of her own hair in her left hand!! She always does this I hate it. Shes got like a death grip on it and wont let it go.
 This ones all dark and messed up but look how cute she is with her daddy!! I love them both :)

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