Monday, October 3, 2011

Back to reality

My maternity leave is officially over and this makes me incredibly sad. I'm dreading tomorrow. I'm lucky in that I only have to be in the office Tuesday Wednesday Thursday and then work from home as much as I can Mondays and Fridays but I think tomorrow is going to extremely difficult leaving Rilynn at daycare. I just don't want to do it. I'm nervous for the morning and will most likely either cry a little as I leave or sob on the way to work or maybe even both.

I just hate the fact that someone else has to take care of her and I know millions of people do this everyday and in time it will be no big deal I'm just sad. I love her so much. I'm hoping for a smooth transition. 

Not a whole lot of new news to report this week. My friend Brittany had her adorable little boy yesterday and I cant wait to meet him. Hes so tiny and cute. Also we think Ri might be starting to roll which is huge but I'm not 100% convinced shes got it yet. Well get it on camera!

Any who here's my little punkin butt. Maybe later this week ill have something more interesting to chat about!

 working on sitting up :}
Baby robe!!!!


  1. Her hair seriously kills me, I love it! Presley has that robe :) We put it on her after her bath so her lotion can soak in! Hope today went well for you, I start back tomorrow :( Why can't we just be rich SAHM's??

  2. I love that hair!! Tomorrow will be rough. But, it does slowly get better. I worked the first year of Gavin's life, and it was never easy to drop him off, but it did get easier than the first day!

  3. Hoping your first day back at work went well! BTW I seriously love her hair!

  4. Thanks!! I love it too its fun to play with!!


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